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Using our Ground School web site is easy. However, for completeness, here's a few help pages for the relevent areas of the web site that you may find useful.

Before we get too far though, a word about web browsers! We believe our site is compatible with all major web browsers. However, from our extensive testing of our website using various browsers, we have found that the best experience (in terms of reliability and speed) is achieved by using Google Chrome. We're not asking you to change - we just thought you'd like to know!

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What to do first

Some of our web pages are available for everyone to access. These include information about us, our contact details, and also our Guidance pages. Obviously, you also have access to our Courses page that shows what types of courses we have, and their associated prices, including a short preview.

However, you will get much more from what we have to offer if you take up our FREE Registration.

After registration and activation, it's a really simple process to subscribe to any of our courses.


FREE Registration

Registering is a simple process, and allows us to keep in touch about news and events that you may find useful. What we won't do is bombard your inbox!

All you need do is create a Username (no spaces or email addresses allowed) that is unique. This is a one-off process, and you will not be able to change it, so make it sensible!

After that, create a password of your choice. We don't ever get to see your password, and we will never ask for it. Numbers, Letters (upper and lower case) are fine - but no special characters allowed.

Enter a valid email address that will be used by the system to allow you to Activate your account with us.

Please note, that you can only use our Referral Scheme (if it is available on this site) after you have activated your account (see below).



After Registering, we will send you an email to the address you specified as part of the Registration process.

Simply click on the link supplied in the email to activate your Ground School account.

Failure to activate your account within 30 days will result in your account being deleted. You will be sent email reminders during the activation period to remind you of this!

Please note, that you can only use our Referral Scheme (if it is available on this site) after you have activated your account.


Login / Logout

Your account is unique to you. You can Login and Logout at any time you choose.

Whilst you may use this Ground School System on as many devices as you like, you can only be logged in on one device at a time.

Once you Login on a new device, you will automatically be logged out of any previous device that you were logged in with.

This allows us to be able to keep track of the page numbers of the courses you are studying to enable you to "pick up where you left off" at any time, in any place, on any device, anywhere!


Changing your details

From the Control Panel page, you are be able to change your email address, password, and other details as required should you need to.

The Training Organisation web site you used for Registration will become your allocated Training Organisation. Should you move training organisations during your training, you will need to Contact Us in order for us to re-allocate your account to the new Training Organisation so you can log in via their Ground School System. You can see your current Training Organisation towards the top of your Control Panel.

The Control Panel also gives you short-cut access to many of the features described below that are also available from the web site menus.


Buy Subscription

You can subscribe to any or all of our on-line courses. Costs and course details are shown on our Courses page.

From the My Account menu, select Buy Subscription.

If this is your first subscription, we'll need to gather a few more details from you such as your name, address and phone number. From there, it's a straight forward process of selecting the courses and durations you wish to purchase a subscription for.

You will be shown a summary page before finally committing to payment. All of our payment transactions are securely handled through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account! You can pay via any debit or credit card, or Paypal.

Once paid, confirmation is given, and the courses are added to your account. These can then be viewed via the My Studies page.

Should you wish to see the status of any of your subscribed courses (including their expiry date) visit the Control Panel and select My Subscriptions.

The My Orders page shows details of orders for courses you have placed, including any that are currently pending payment (before they appear in your My Studies list).

You may add extra time to any course, or add new courses at any time, by just subscribing to the appropriate course and duration of your choice. Should you choose to subscribe again to an existing course that is already in your account, the newly purchased duration is added to the end of your current active expiry date.


Referrals & Free Courses!

Using our Referral Scheme allows you to earn rewards in the form of FREE COURSES (for Students and Pilots), or COMMISSION (for Flying/Ground Instructors).

Please note that the Referral Scheme is not available through certain Training Organisations. If you can't see a Referrer field when you register your account, then this service is not available through this Training Organisation.

Everyone is automatically eligible for the referral scheme where it is available; all you need to do is to Register with us, and Activate your account. If you are an instructor, you will also need to contact us to provide us with a copy of your Flying/Ground Instructor Certificate.

When you refer your friends to our Ground School System, make sure they enter YOUR referral code into the Referrer box when they Register. Your unique Referral code is actually your login Username. You can always find your referral code via your Control Panel.

Every time anyone that was referred by you purchases a course subscription, you will be credited with a point.

For Students and Pilots, for every 5 points you earn, you can claim a free course for one month! This is achieved via your Control Panel.

If you are a Flying/Ground Instructor, you will earn commission for all purchases made by your referrals, and we will contact you to arrange payment.

You can find even more detailed information on our Referrals & FREE Courses page.


My Studies

My Studies is where you access your on-line courses.

Our Ground School system remembers the page you were last viewing for each course, so you can pick up where you left off last time, even if you've changed viewing devices or your physical location in the meantime!

When you are viewing a course, use the forward and back buttons provided on the screen to navigate through the course. You may also jump to a particular page number. You will find that on every course, Page 3 contains a list of topics for that course with page numbers.

If there is a web link or a video on the page displayed, click anywhere on that page to view that link or video.

Just a quick reminder about web browsers! We believe our site is compatible with all major web browsers. However, from our extensive testing of our website using various browsers, we have found that the best experience (in terms of reliability and speed) is achieved by using Google Chrome. We're not asking you to change - we just thought you'd like to know!


My Tests & Exams

My Tests & Exams is where you access your on-line tests and exams.

Tests are informal tests that check your understanding of the recently learnt area of the subject material for a course. A full list of tests for all of your subscribed courses is available when you select Sit a New Test. Additionally, you are guided directly to specific tests at specific locations throughout your course via the course material.

Exams are usually taken at the end of your study for a given course. A full list of exams for all of your subscribed courses is available when you select Sit a New Exam. Additionally, you are guided directly to these exams via the course material at the end of the course

Once you have sat a Test/Exam, your results for that Test/Exam are given to you straight away which includes some interesting metrics on the number of questions answered correctly and incorrectly, as well as those not answered, along with your pass mark, and time taken to do the Test/Exam.

All of your Tests/Exams are stored so you can see your summary progress as you take more Tests and Exams via My Test/Exam History. Providing you have an active subscription for the course concerned, you can also look back and review past Tests/Exams right down to individual question level.

Exams (not Tests) form the official metric used in order for an Exam Readiness Certificate to be issued, to allow you to take the Official Theoretical Knowledge Examination at your Training Organisation. (See below).


Sitting Tests & Exams

Once you select to sit a new Test or Exam, you will be offered the course subjects (which you are subscribed) to choose from. Tests are informal tests that check your understanding of the recently learnt area of the subject material for a course. Exams are usually taken at the end of your study for a given course, and these count towards your Exam Readiness Certificate.

Each Test or Exam has an associated number of questions, plus a pass mark, and a time limit. Each Test or Exam will make use of our own question bank; so although the Test or Exam consists of only (for example) 20 questions, these are drawn from a much larger bank of questions each time you sit this Test or Exam. In other words, different questions are asked each time you sit the Test/Exam.

The Test/Exam screen consist of a questions, multiple answers, and a question navigator at the bottom of the screen. The Test/Exam Timer (your time remaining to complete the Test/Exam) resides towards the top right of the screen.

The question navigator colours indicate which questions are answered and unanswered (by colour), and the current question has a border around it.

To select your answer for a given question, make your selection on-screen by clicking an answer. That answer will turn green, and the appropriate question block within the question navigator at the bottom of the screen will change to the answered colour.

You may answer questions in any order by clicking the appropriate question in the question Navigator, and you may change your answer to any question until either the Test/Exam Timer expires, or you select to "Submit all answers and finish".

The Test/Exam Timer continues to run in real time, even if you move away from the Ground School web site, or turn off your device. However, providing you have time remaining, you can return to the Test/Exam again via the My Test/Exam History page.

Once you finish the Test/Exam (or the Test/Exam Timer expires), you will be redirected to the Test/Exam Review Summary Page. This will give you summary information about your performance, including Pass/Fail, and offer you the opportunity to review each question (providing you have a current subscription for that course).


My Exam Readiness Certificates

Before you are allowed to sit an official exam at an Approved Training Organisation, you will need to obtain an "Exam Readiness Certificate".

This is a certificate that is retained by your Training Organisation as part or your training record and proves that you are ready to take the official exam. If you do not possess such a certificate, your Training Organisation will normally require you to spend some time with an instructor who will probe the depth of your understanding of the subject prior to issuing you with your certificate and then allowing you sit the exam.

Using our Ground School system, we are able to provide you with your very own "Exam Readiness Certificate" for a given subject that you can take to your Training Organisation. They can then Validate the authenticity of your Certificate using our on-line system, and then allow you to sit the official examination for that subject.

Your Certificate (per subject) is obtained by passing three of our on-line mock exams with the following time-based criteria:

  • Each mock exam pass has a validity period of three months (dated to the end of the month)
  • Your Certificate will be available for viewing, printing and validation whilst you have three mock exam passes within their validity period
  • Your Certificate will have an expiry date on it, which will be the future date at which you no longer have three mock exam passes valid
  • To re-issue your Certificate, you must pass further mock exams in the same subject to bring your total exam passes back up to (or over) three in the past three months

You can select to view My Exam Readiness Certificates to check whether you have a valid certificate issued.

To check the status of your exam passes that count in order to make your exam readiness certificate valid, visit My Test/Exam History, and check the "Pass Validity" information. Remember that you must have three Exams (not Tests) marked as "Current" in order to have a valid Exam Readiness Certificate for that subject (course).

A Training Organisation can easily check the validity of your certificate by visiting Certificate Validation and entering your unique certificate ID. The system will check the validity of the certificate and present the information to the Training Organisation to then allow you to sit the required official examination.


Ask an Instructor

Ask an Instructor is an easy way of contacting an expert on the subject material you are studying. In fact, you'll be communicating with the course author direct.

From the Ask an Instructor page, select the course you wish to ask a question about (you'll only be able to ask questions about courses you've subscribed to), and type your question. We will receive the question, and answer it promptly. Replies go to your Ground School registered email address. Don't be afraid to keep asking for clarification on things you continually don't understand. If necessary, we'll even give you a call on the phone to chat about it. That's why we ask for your phone number as part of the subscription process!


Other Ways To Learn

For other options on ways to learn (which can be viewed on our Other Ways To Learn page), we will need to communicate with you directly since personal contact is required to deliver the course! Payment is taken via a different method (BACS, Card or Cash), but we will discuss this with you.


Technical Support

If you have technical issues with accessing any of our material, email support is the initial contact method (see our Contact Us page).

However, we're not one of those companies that just leaves you in the lurch with non-personal email exchanges! If necessary, we'll talk to you directly on the phone to give you every assistance in solving the issue.


Other Questions

If you have any other query (sales, or just of a general nature) about us, or our services, you can get on touch via our Contact Us page.