Announcements & Updates


Question/Answer automatic explanations

We've introduced a new facility and you're all loving it!

When you take a progress test or mock exam on the system, and you review your detailed answers, we're gradually populating an explanation for each one. At the bottom of that particular question, if you don't understand how the answer to that question was obtained, you will see a link titled "Click HERE for an explanation of this question/answer". It does what it says on the tin!

If you still don't comprehend, then the explanation page still offers you the option to "Click HERE to Ask an Instructor for an explanation of this question/answer". So you're never left in the lurch!

Check out this Example Question/Answer Explanation Page to see the outstanding quality of our explanations!


British Women Pilot's Association / Easy PPL Ground School Scholarships 2018

We are pleased to announce the results of our 2018 Scholarships, each worth £1600.

Rebecca Halliwell-Coutts and Helen Owton are the deserving recipients. For more information, see the The British Women Pilot's Association Easy PPL Ground School Scholarship Announcements website.


Course Updates

We regularly update all of our courses as appropriate to keep in line with changes in regulations and procedures. That's the beauty of an on-line course over and above any printed material that you purchase, which effectively becomes out of date as soon as you receive it (if not beforehand)!

Each of our courses contains change control information detailing the differences from previous versions. For every course, this can be found on page 4.

Listed below are all of our courses with the dates they were last updated. All this information is in one place here to check if you need to re-visit a particular course to bring yourself up to speed.

Course Last Updated
Air Law & ATC Procedures 21st June 2018
Operational Procedures 7th April 2018
Aircraft General Knowledge 28th November 2017
Principles of Flight 20th February 2018
Meteorology 28th March 2018
Human Performance & Limitations 14th February 2018
Navigation 11th April 2018
Communications (Radio Telephony) 9th June 2018
Flight Performance & Planning 6th November 2017
IMC-IR(R) Rating 1st December 2017
Infringement Avoidance 9th June 2018
Night Rating 15th January 2018
PPL Updater 7th April 2018