Microlight Pilot Starter Kits


New to learning to fly? We've got a variety of Starter Kits for the Microlight/Powered Parachute Pilot that give you everything you need in one go according to your budget!

These Starter Kits below are applicable to: NPPL(M), NPPL(PP)

All of the exams must be passed within a period of 24 months prior to the application for the licence, so thats why all of the theoretical knowledge courses in our Starter Kits last for a full 24 months. So these packages are absolutely ideal to enable you to come back to the material time and time again within that period.

We've put together these starter kit packages suitable for all budgets. Just compare what you get with each of the kits below. For more detailed information about a starter kit, click on the relevant icon or the links below.

Bronze Microlight Pilot Starter Kit £129.99
Silver Microlight Pilot Starter Kit £169.99
Gold Microlight Pilot Starter Kit £349.99


Starter Kit Content Comparison

Access to the products below for 24 months
Unlimited instructor support for 24 months
Unlimited question bank and answer Explanations for 24 months
Unlimited course associated resource library access
FREE Course Completion Certificates
FREE Exam Readiness Certificates
Full access to all 6 MICROLIGHT theoretical knowledge courses
Navigation Flight Log
Infringement Avoidance Course
Best Navigation Practices Course
RT Practical Examination Preparation one-to-one instruction course
SkyDemon - The Essential Course