Infringement Avoidance Course


How much is your PPL Licence worth to you?

We have recently been providing retrospecive training as directed by the CAA to at least 3 pilots who have had their PPL Licence SUSPENDED by the CAA as a result of Controlled Airspace Infringements. So we think it might be time to offer some PROACTIVE Infringement Avoidance Training!

Additonally, if you have the unfortunate experience of infringing Controlled Airspace, you will be required to take the NATS/CAA online Infringement Test as the first corrective action. Your performance in this test will determine the remainder of actions the authority will require you to undertake. Although there is a "tutorial" from the NATS/CAA online test on their site, it doesn't prepare you very well at all for the test (which is extremely time constrained).

Our Infringement Avoidance Course really does give you all the knowledge you need to gain in order to stand every chance of passing the NATS/CAA online infringement test!

This ground school course is offerred in conjunction with our Easy PPL Flight Training Infringement Avoidance Course.

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Infringement Avoidance

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