Help for Training Organisations


We're here to help Flying Training Organisations. Here's a quick summary of how....

  • ZERO set-up cost
  • Your own branded ground school web site complimenting your existing web presence
  • We pay YOU commission in real money for doing... nothing except getting your students to use your own branded ground school system!
  • Immediate support, plus complete set-up within hours, not days or weeks!
  • Offer your students a coherent Ground School infrastructure to compliment their flying training
  • Constantly updated material ensuring your students are taught correct up-to-date legislation, procedures and best practice
  • Did we mention ZERO cost set-up and you receive commission? Oh yes, but worth repeating!

We know from personal practical experience that sometimes, Flying Clubs and Training Organisations find it difficult to offer students a coherent Ground School infrastructure to guide them through the theoretical knowledge and examination process successfully in a timely manner that compliments their flying training.

We also realise (especially in present times) it is important to teach student pilots the correct up-to-date procedures, regulations and techniques (which is difficult since there is often a delay of some weeks for printed material to catch up with changes).

Equally important, existing pilots seldom have the inclination to go back to Ground School in a club or training environment, and yet (obviously) it is vital that they remain up to speed with changes in legislation and procedures. Training Organisations are aware of this, and the possible liability to an organisations reputation that historically qualified pilots bring.

Easy PPL Ground School satisfies all of these requirements for Clubs, Training Organisations, Instructors, Student Pilots and fully fledged Pilots (who can study in the privacy of their own environment).

We are allowing Flying Clubs and other Training Organisations use of our on-line Ground School System, including (if required), branding of our system to integrate into your own web presence.

Flying Schools and Training Organisations already on the scheme love this fail-safe system, with one school about to take the concept to their sister flying school in USA. Easy PPL Ground School allows for a ready-made centrally managed structured ground school programme that clubs and organisations sometimes find difficult to implement successfully for their students.

The costs to a club or training organisation can be as little as zero. There are also incentives offered for organisations, or instructors, students and existing pilots to receive commission on all courses bought by students they recommend to the system, through a simple no-cost referral scheme.

It’s win-win all round.

For **FREE**, the Easy PPL Ground School site offers students (pilots and instructors included) a wealth of information on the official theoretical exam requirements, as well as sound advice on the best way to approach the subjects, study groupings, exam techniques, and a whole host of other really useful information.

Then, from as little as £9.99 per course subject, students have access to this new but much needed concept which provides immediate (and most importantly) completely up to date material. Course subjects are available individually, so the student only need subscribe to the course they want, at the time they need it, for the duration they desire.

This includes guided on-line progress tests throughout each course, and ‘very real’ mock exams - all with instant results.

Once 3 mock exam passes have been achieved in a course subject within a required timescale, an Exam Readiness Certificate is automatically provided to the student for them to take to their Training Organisation. This certificate can be verified on-line to allow the student to sit the official EASA PART-FCL Theoretical Knowledge Exam. We also provide an automatic Course Completion Certificate for every course on our system.

It goes without saying that we can provide complete support from real-life flying instructors.

And then there's more...

We offer other courses for pilots who want to expand their training and knowledge in the form of IMC-IR(R) ratings, and our very own all important INFRINGEMENT AVOIDANCE COURSE. All of this is available to your organisation and your pilots

We're constantly working on more courses to let your organisation show they are managing student ground school more effectively than other training organisation, plus, being proactive in keeping existing pilots up to date with legislation, procedural changes, and improvements to BEST PRACTICE.

That's a big bonus when it comes to your CAA ATO/DTO inspection!

It really is that simple from everyone’s perspective whether you are a student pilot, existing pilot wishing to uplift your knowledge, or a Club or Training Organisation that want to offer superb Ground School to your students from as little as zero cost!

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