How to Study


As is often the case, you can make life easy, or you can make life difficult for yourself.

Here at Easy PPL Ground School, we have an in-depth understanding of the level and type of knowledge required for each of the subjects you need to study for your goal.

There are also other constraints that need to be taken into consideration, that are explained on our Requirements page, around timescales and the number of sittings within which you need to pass all exams, and the re-sit restrictions.

The amount of knowledge you need to assimilate is dependent upon the subject in question. Some subjects also compliment each other, so studying them together can be beneficial from both a learning convenience and understanding perspective.

Taking all these factors into account, along with our knowledge of training and learning abilities, we highly recommend you take note of our suggested study guide and exam sitting strategy below to assure yourself every chance of success.


PPL(A) Licence

Study Group Course Exam Sitting No.
(max 6)
1 Air Law & ATC Procedures 1
Operational Procedures
2 Aircraft General Knowledge 2
Principles of Flight
3 Meteorology 3
Human Performance & Limitations
4 Navigation 4
Communications Written
5 Communications Practical ** 5
Flight Performance & Planning

** The Communications Practical Exam is an oral exam with a Radiotelephony Examiner. You will need to have a separate revision/preparation session for this exam. We have a 100% success rate for candidates we prepare. To book your preparation/revision session with us, visit our Easy PPL Online Shop, select the "Easy PPL Communications Practical Exam Preparation" item and we will contact you to arrange suitable dates and times to prepare you.


IMC-IR(R) Rating

Study Group Course Exam Sitting No.
1 IMC-IR(R)Written Exam N/A

All Other Courses

Study Group Course Exam Sitting No.