Exam Readiness Certificates


Before you are allowed to sit an official exam at an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), you will need to obtain an "Exam Readiness Certificate".

This is a certificate that is retained by the ATO as part or your training record and proves that you are ready to take the official exam. If you do not possess such a certificate, the ATO will normally require you to spend some time with an instructor who will probe the depth of your understanding of the subject prior to issuing you with your certificate and then allowing you sit the exam.

At Easy PPL Ground School, we are able to provide you with your very own "Exam Readiness Certificate" for a given subject that you can take to the ATO. They can then Validate the authenticity of your Certificate using our on-line system, and then allow you to sit the official examination for that subject.

Your Certificate (per subject) is obtained by passing three of our on-line mock exams with the following time-based criteria:

  • Each mock exam pass has a validity period of three months (dated to the end of the month)
  • Your Certificate will be available for viewing, printing and validation whilst you have three mock exam passes within their validity period
  • Your Certificate will have an expiry date on it, which will be the date at which you no longer have three mock exam passes valid
  • To re-issue your Certificate, you must pass further mock exams in the same subject to bring your total exam passes back up to (or over) three in the past three months

You can select to view My Exam Readiness Certificates to check whether you have a valid certificate issued.

To check the status of your exam passes that count in order to make your exam readiness certificate valid, visit My Test/Exam History, and check the "Pass Validity" information. Remember that you must have three Exams (not Tests) marked as "Current" in order to have a valid Exam Readiness Certificate for that subject (course).

An ATO can easily check the validity of your certificate by visiting Certificate Validation and entering your unique certificate ID. The system will check the validity of the certificate and present the information to the ATO to then allow you to sit the required official examination.