On-Line Courses


On-line study is a great way to gain the necessary knowledge if you're a busy person. Even if you're not, this method of study may well suit your learning style.

Using our subscription service, we've made it straight forwards and simple with a fixed price per month per subject. Should you need help working out how to go about the process of studying for your theoretical knowledge exams for the Private Pilots Licence, we suggest you see our How to Study page.

Registration and subscription is an easy process, and you will then have immediate access to completely up-to-date material, that is kept up to date.

You have access to "Ask an Instructor" for any of the courses you subscribe to.

It may be that you only need to study for individual subjects, or it may be that you need to study fo all the subjects for the Private Pilots Licence. Either way, our simple pricing structure allows you to buy what you need, when you need it, for however long you need it for! All this enables you to meet the Requirements placed upon you, under which you must complete all of your studies.

An overview of all course packages we offer is available from our Courses page.

If there is anything unclear in any of our study options, please contact us.


A Simple Choice

You simply select which course(s) you wish to subscribe to up-front, and you then have access to course and supporting material for that time period, including "Ask an Instructor". You can add further courses to your account at any time. If you already have a subscription for a particular course and add that course again, the new subscription period will be added to the existing end date for that course.

PPL(A) Course - per subject per month £ 9.99
IMC-IR(R) Course - per month £ 29.99
Infringement Avoidance Course - per month £ 29.99

You are able to subscribe to any number of courses for any time period from one to eighteen months. You can chose one course at a time, or subscribe to multiple courses, for varying time periods. The choice is yours!

If you've already Registered, and Logged In, you can go direct to Buy a Subscription here.