Meet the Team


Nigel Willson

The author of all of our courses, Nigel learnt to fly in 1985 with Horizon Flying at Ipswich Airport. He is a flight and ground instructor and examiner for initial licences and advanced ratings. He also holds Instrument, Night and Aerobatics Instructor ratings, and teaches on all types of aircraft from open-cockpit tail-draggers to glass-cockpit rocket-ships.

Nigel designs and produces his own courses to a high professional standard that emphasises best practice, great tips and techniques, as well as the required theoretical knowledge. Similarly, he produces and provides his own additional flight training (Easy PPL Flight Training) such as the Advanced PPL, Formation, and Short Strip courses as well as others. He is also an active aerobatic display pilot (Yak Display) and air display organiser (Great British Airshows), so you may well see him on the air show scene.

He has over 5000 hours on a wide variety of aircraft including Tiger Moths, all of the major manufacturer families of aircraft, and some rare types that include Wassmer, Air Coupe, Staggerwing, Navion, Spitfire T9, and Yak52. Many of these are also displayed by Nigel.


Lee Merritt

The technology wizard behind Easy PPL Ground School, Lee has over 20 years' experience building dynamic system solutions on the internet.

He learnt to fly with John Pickering at Earls Colne in 2003 and has since flown extensively throghout the UK and Europe. He holds a PPL, both single and multi-engine piston ratings, IR(R) rating, FI(A) rating and night qualification. As a qualified Flight Instructor, instructing primarily at the weekends, he always emphases the need for all pilots to develop a high degree of situational awareness with an acute attitude towards safety from the very first lesson in the cockpit.

In his spare time, Lee enjoys solving puzzles and is interested in all things mathematical and musical.


Zoe Napier

Marketing genius behind not only her own business, but also as well. Zoe's flair for her role is the envy of many in her business community. And to top it all, she's a pilot as well!

When not airborne, you'll find her in the driving seat of her horse - saddle or carriage, enjoying the countryside.