The EASY way to study for your pilot theoretical knowledge exams

Yes, that's right - the EASY way to study for all of your written exams required for your Private Pilots Licence!

And then some!

We also offer advanced courses for (amogst other things) the Instrument Rating (Restricted) written exam, as well as some innovative and useful courses such as The Infringement Avoidance Course.

On-line study on any device you like. Anywhere. Anytime.

Incredible value for money - with superb support by an expert instructor/examiner. You won't need to purchase any other study materials if you choose our courses! We provide further resources and three realistic mock exam papers for each subject - all included in your subscription.

We have helped all ages and abilities to gain not only the necessary exam passes, but all the knowledge associated with the subjects. And then some! We give you invaluable flying tips and tricks as well to make your study practical in the real world too.

We also offer a Referral Scheme that allows you to earn rewards in the form of FREE COURSES (for Students and Pilots), or COMMISSION (for Flying/Ground Instructors).

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About Us

Easy PPL Ground School have over 30 years of experience - right in the area that you require.

As a Private Pilot, as a Flying Instructor, and as a Flight and Ground Examiner, we have all the necessary knowledge and expertise not just to teach you, but to make sure that teaching is easy to understand.

Most importantly, we also make that teaching practical and relevant to both your flying training and the exams you need to pass.

You can get in touch with us in all sorts of ways; email, social media, or for that personal touch - by phone.


We look forward to helping you!

About Us


We provide courses for all the subjects required for the EASA Private Pilots Licence (PPL), Light Aircraft Private Pilots Licence (LAPL), and the UK National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL), plus the IMC-IR(R).

Our material is unique - more pictures than words. We offer on-line courses, and the resources you will have at your displosal are second to none. We provide you with progress checking throughout each subject, plus mock exams that truly resemble the real thing!

Help at any time is included via "Ask an Instructor", and, if you're still having difficulty, we'll give you a call and chat about it over the phone!

We're also more than happy to offer you alternatives to on-line study if that suits you better!

You really won't find a more dedicated organisation that has a real interest in you, the person, becoming you, the pilot!



We realise that all of the theory, all of the exams, and the myriad of written and on-line material at your disposal can lead to confusion.

So, let us cut through that jungle. We know what works and what deosn't when it comes to which subjects to choose first. We know the best way to plan - what studies to do in parallel, and what exams to take together to meet all of the legal requirements.

Our guidance gives you all the information to make sure you get what's right for you, from individual coursesthrough to "everything".

And, of course, since we instruct in flying training as well, we know the flying syllabus inside out, and so can advise you on what material to study at the relevent points in your flying traing. That ensures you also get the best value for money at your flying school!